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Shockwave Therapy IMS Manual Therapy

Have you been injured playing sports, in a car accident, on the job? Do you suffer from pain due to the process of aging or arthritis? If any of these apply to you then, you’ve come to the right place. Our Therapists are here to help you!

Our team of 7 qualified Physiotherapists have over a 100 years of experience making people feel better, become pain free and enabling them to get back to life!

We provide you physiotherapy related services for your healthy life. We are proud to provide physiotherapy care with an emphasis on manual therapy, tailored exercise programs and client education. One of the newest effective therapy options available today is IMS.

All of our Physiotherapists actively pursue ongoing post-graduate training enabling them to employ the most current techniques in therapy and rehabilitation.

Most clients have questions about our services, the costs (what is covered) and what to expect by coming to our clinic. Check out our FAQ/Fees sections for these answers and additional information.

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