Women’s Health

Women’s Health Program:

  • Pre and Post natal care
  • Post-Mastectomy
  • OsteoporosisJane, previously of Body Back Fitness, is now providing individual pre and post natal care. She can explain how pregnancy changes the ability of the low back and pelvis to perform everyday tasks (stability of your core). She can so help you understand why it is essential to regain stabilization of your back and pelvis to avoid chronic low back and pelvic pain and to avoid prolapse to your uterus (requiring hysterectomy) and bladder incontinence (leaking urine) in future years. You will be taught how to rehabilitate the muscles affected by pregnancy and delivery and thereby regain efficient function of your core. Proper lifting and carrying techniques, nursing positions and posture will be addressed as childcare affects other areas of your body as well . With a little instruction, you will have the ability to properly begin or return to your womens health exercise programs safely.

    Baby Carriers Read a recent lecture given by Jane Knauer about baby carriers and back pain.
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    In addition to accepting WSBC clients, we can direct bill our fees to many Extended Health Benefit Plans... No more out of pocket expenses!

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